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Installing macOS Catalina on PC is made easy with Niresh Catalina. This is a special release, it focuses on Vanilla. It has no third-party software. You are free to customize your mac os experience your way.

Catalina Requirements.
Computer Desktop/Laptop with Intel processor and supported graphics card or chipset.
Motherboard with UEFI supported BIOS.
Catalina requires a processor with the SSE4.2 instruction.
Catalina requires a metal-compatible graphics card.
Separate SSD or separate hard-disk with at least 20GB free-space, an SSD is recommended.

Features & Changes:
Niresh Catalina is a vanilla Installer.
Niresh Catalina does not have any third-party applications or software.
Only supports UEFI compatible Desktop/Laptops.
Clover UEFI is used as default macOS bootloader.
Added Support for Apple File System (APFS).
Extensions are installed to /Library/Extensions instead of /System/Library/Extensions as a way to preserve vanilla methods, which also enables modifications of extensions without disabling System Integrity Protection in macOS.
Cleaned up Catalina Installer Customize Section, removed old & unnecessary kexts, tools.
Default desktop background image is left untouched.
Safari Bookmarks are left untouched.
No Desktop icons are created.
Added support for Installing Lilu kext.
Lilu Plugins are included as an option.
Added support for Installing FakePCIID kext.
FakePCIID Plugins are included as an option.
USB XHCI Patches are applied but may need patch upgrade upon OS upgrade.
AppleALC Audio Kext is updated..
Partial Intel Coffe-lake Graphics Support.
Voodoo TrackPad/PS2 Kexts were updated to the latest version.
ACPIBatteryManager.kext has been updated to the latest version.
Full USB 2.0 and 3.0 support on 7/8/9 Series motherboards.
Whatevergreen kext is added as an option.

Deprecated Features:
It is not possible to Install Niresh Catalina without converting to APFS.
It is not possible to Install Niresh Catalina on Master Boot Record Partition Schemes. It may fail.
Removed Post-Installation Optimizations, they are not necessary now.
Removed ATA/PATA Support, These are completely unnecessary in modern computers with UEFI BIOS.
VoodooTSCSync kext has been removed from Installer.
AptioMemoryFix.efi is removed OsxAptioFix3Drv.efi is used as replacement.

Niresh Catalina can be installed with a Non-Metal-Compatible graphics card, but a Metal-Compatible graphics card is required for full graphics acceleration.
Do not try to use this installer on a real mac.
Niresh Catalina does not support Legacy BIOS.
Third-Party Apps are no longer available, Those Applications and download links may be available from Applications.
link update 24 January 2021 no user or password required one link download 
every day 10 plus user access this post every day need to renew it coz there server is dead


Password for our server is free4alldevices 
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Anonymous said…
Karasawa said…
Display Name & Password not work
celltronix said…
create your own username and pass
Unknown said…
hackintosh zone is shutting down, can i download it somewhere else?
celltronix said…
ok i have update the new link blow this post so download it from there no user or pass required .... do let me know it works or not
celltronix said…
update the link below dint need any of user or password try that thanks
Unknown said…
it does not work
Unknown said…
Now that Hackintosh Zone is dead, the link no longer works. Can you upload it to Google Drive, or email it to me so that I can add it to my Drive??
celltronix said…
i update the link to download the dmg file so access from that
Paul said…
Will it be possible to update OS versions on the AppStore after Niresh Catalina installation?
celltronix said…
developer on his web site define that you can easily run updates after once install so why not gave it a try
Unknown said…
can you show the steps of installation??

celltronix said…
already youtube has a tutorial of this
Unknown said…
what is the time frame for niresh catalina
How2Do said…
Download link not working
celltronix said…
ill check and update it in few days to many downloads server expire
Fx Halim said…
wifi support or not
Fx Halim said…
wifi support or not
Anonymous said…
Still not working mate
celltronix said…
contact the vender sir on there site i didnt develop this os
Unknown said…
the rar file has a password.
celltronix said…
file is dmg image dont have any password
remoih said…
download from googledrive has password.. please share
celltronix said…
above someone share the password if you read its very easy
vas said…
Hi I recently downloaded the file but when i try to extract the zip it asks me for the password but i dont know it plz help
celltronix said…
thanks boss it my pleasure to help others stay connect for more also subscribe you youtube channel
celltronix said…
mention is description below boss its read above article or comments if you download form our server then its our page name free4alldevices or free4all or if you download from other it also mention to many times in comments kindly be a good reader God bless you ameen
Prasad said…
password =
TechVid Kid said…
Is the new dmg file also niresh catalina

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